Dust Collection Paint Booth

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As the name implies, dust collection paint booths are used to remove dust. The booth gives a clean working atmosphere by removing all the dust particles from the workspace. The dust collector pulls out the dust from the operators breathing zone and provides a healthier work atmosphere.

Dust collection systems are outstanding for housekeeping purposes. The booths are constructed with 18 Gauge GI /CR / SS Sheets as per customers requirement. High quality filter bags and blowers are also used. These type paint booth find application in Wood industries, Fiber Glass, Marble, Plastic, Carbon, Ceramic, Steel, Grinding, Welding, Sanding, Soldering, Smoke, Fumes, Surface Finishing and Metalworking.

  • Ideal to remove dust from the paint booth
  • Outstanding for housekeeping purposes
  • Equipped with filter bags and blowers
  • Finds application in versatile industries
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